The conference program


08:45 WELCOME/ORGANIZATIONAL REMARKS Gabi Grützner & Jost Göttert
Session 1 – KEYNOTES Chair: Derrick Mancini
09:00 From HARMST to HARMNST – Past, Present and Future of High Aspect Ratio Technologies Jürgen Mohr
09:30 High Aspect Ratio Micro- and Nanostructures:
Enabling in Vitro Diagnostics with BioMEMS/BioNEMS Platforms Produced in Polymers using Replication Technologies
Steve Soper
10:00 Coffee Break  
Session 2   - LITHOGRAPHY Chair: John Williams,
Jürgen Mohr
10:20 Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH) for thick Photoresists Reinhard Völkel (invited)
10:50 Fabrication of 3D-MEMS with High Aspect Ratio Micro Wires Felix Greiner
11:10 Photo-Lithographic Patterning of Biomimetic Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Thin Films onto Silicon Wafers Reinhard Boysen
11:30 Multi  lithograhic spin-on resist as etching mask with high selectivity for fabrication of high aspect ratio structure Giovanna Brusatin
11:50 Multilevel Nanostructures Fabricated with Overlay Electron Beam Lithography and a Multilayer Etch Mask Process Max Schoengen
12:10 SML Electron Beam Resist for Patterning High Aspect Ratio Nano-Structures Peter McGovern
12:30 Lunch Break  
Session 3 - REPLICATION Chair: Yuichi Utsumi, Jost Göttert
14:00 Cylindrical nano-mold for large area nano-patterning Hyeon-Seok Oh (invited)
14:30 Direct Hot Embossing of High Aspect Ratio,  All-Plastic Microfluidic Devices Gerald Kreindl 
14:50 Aspect-Ratio-Preserving Fabrication Method of mm-long, Submicron Prismatic Gratings Yves Jourlin
15:10 Morphing Surface Properties Based on Nano- and Microstructuring of Shape Memory Polymers by Hot Embossing Matthias Worgull
15:30 Formation of High Strength Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloy Moulds and Imprinting to Some Metal Substrates Tohru Yamasaki
15:50 Production of Remarkably High Aspect Ratio Nanopillars by Injection Moulding Johnny Stormonth-Darling
16:10 Coffee Break & Poster Session  
Visit of Industrial  Exhibition
18:00 END of DAY 1  
18:30 Bus transfer to the Conference Dinner (dinner start at 19:30 restaurant "HASIR")  


Session 4 – NIL Chair: Helmut Schift,
Matthias Worgull
08:30 High Aspect Ratio NIL Challenges and Possibilities Hella Scheer (invited)
09:00 Direct imprinting of organic-inorganic hybrid materials into high aspect ratio sub-100 nm structures Victor J. Cardaso
09:20 Stamp-and-Repeat UV Direct Patterning Using Polymer Molds Andreas Finn
09:40 UV Nanoimprint Lithography for the Fabrication of Optical Filter Elements Jan Besser
10:00 Fabrication of Pattern Using Roll Liquid Transfer Nano-Imprint Lithography for Large Area HyunHa Park
10:20 Coffee Break  
Session 5  -   APPLICATION Chair: Steve Soper, Gabi Grützner
10:40 LIGA and challenges of commercialization - it can be successful! Gregoire Genolet (invited)
11:10 Fabrication of Array Master for UV-Replication of Aspheric Micro-Lenses for Imaging Applications Frank Wippermann
11:30 LIGA-MEMS Leveraged Bending Variable Capacitors Sven Achenbach
11:50 3D Microfilter for Circulating Tumor Cells  Isolation and Culture Cha-Mei Tang
12:10 Micromachined Stylus Ion Traps through High Aspect Ratio Lithography and Electrochemical Deposition Christian L. Arrington
12:30 SAM Meets NMEMS, NEMS for Bio-Sensing Beomjoon Kim (invited)
13:00 Lunch Break  
Session 6 – MICROMACHINING Chair: Bernd Löchel, Chien-Chung Fu
14:00 Proton Beam Writing: A Tool for High Aspect Ratio Resist Patterning and Nanoimprint Lithography Jeroen van Kan (invited)
14:30 Fabrication of Amino Acid Analysis Chip Using SR Direct dry Etching of PTFE Hideki Kido
14:50 High Sensitivity and High Aspect-Ratio In-Plane Optical Accelerometer by Silicon Electrochemical Micromachining Salvatore Surdo
15:10 Microstructuring of Non-Conductive Silicon Carbide by Electrical Discharge Machining Florian Zeller
15:30 3D Nanometer Features by Ultra-Precision Machining Kurt Haskic
15:50 µ-Blistering, a Production Technology for HARMST? Thomas Schmidt
16:10 Areal Surface Topography Measurement of High Aspect Ratio Features Using the Focus Variation Technique James Claverley
16:30 Coffee Break & Poster Session  
16:40 -19:00 Poster Session LITHOGRAPHY and REPLICATION and NIL
Visit of Exhibition with drinks and snacks
19:00 END of DAY 2  
19:30 TAC Meeting  


Session 7 – LASER PATTERNING Chair: Sven Achenbach, John Williams
8:30 High-Aspect-ratio 3D Printing Based on Two-Photon Polymerization Fabian Niesler (invited)
9:00 Direct Laser Writing of Sub-Micrometer 3D Structures with One-Photon Absorption Ngoc Diep Lai
9:20 Direct Write Laser High Aspect Ratio Polymeric Microstructures: Fabrication and Limitations Víctor J. Cadarso
9:40 Biomimetics inspired by the Morpho butterfly: Finite-difference time-domain simulations and fabrication by two photon absorption Michael Steindorfer
10:00 Thermo-Mechanical Material Characterisation of Photosensitive Polymers Jürgen Vogel
10:20 Coffee Break  
Session 8 – FROM LITHOGRAPHY to REPLICATION and APPLICATION Chair: Anja Voigt, Jost Göttert
10:40 Nanoimprint Lithography and Embossing in LIGA: Similarities and Differences Helmut Schift
11:00 Fabrication and Applications of Nanostructured Surfaces Made by Combining Nanosphere Lithography and Replication Nicolas Blondiaux
11:20 Microfabrication of Sharp Blazed gratings by a Two-Step Height Amplification Process Based on Soft and Deep X-Ray Lithography Massimo Tormen
11:40 LIGA2.X Process for a Cost-Effective Mass Production of Single Polymeric LIGA Micro Parts Jochen Heneka
12:00 Multi-level HAR Microstructures Patterned in SUEX Dry Film Don Johnson
12:20 Superplastically Forged Micro-Inductors of Metallic Glass with Laser Micromachined Polyimide Dies Yasunori Saotome
12:40 High-Aspect-Ratio Nanoporous Membranes Made by Reactive Ion Etching and E-Beam and Interference Lithography Ralu Divan
13:00 CONCLUSION Jürgen Mohr
13:15 END of WORKSHOP  


After the workshop

Opportunity to visit micro resist technology, Berlin - sign up during the conference.
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